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(2019, 120mins Documentary, PBS Twin Cities/Smithsonian)

From voracious crocodiles and acrobatic birds, to stupendous whales and majestic elephants, When Whales Walked follows top scientists from around the world on a global adventure as they follow clues from the fossil record and change what we thought we knew about the evolution of iconic beasts.



(2019, Feature Documentary, Spring Films)

Legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog and Emmy Award winning Director, André Singer, tell the story of Mikhail Gorbachev, rising from a farm boy to become President of the Soviet Union, bringing about changes that helped end the Cold War, toppled the USSR, enabled the reunification of Germany and transformed the world forever.




(2018, 2-part documentary, VIXPIX for BBC2)

Ella Al-Shamahi enlists the skills of Andy Serkis, the master of performance capture, and a group of experts to create the most realistic animated representation of a Neanderthal to date.

night Will Fall

(2014, Feature Documentary, Spring Films/BFI/HBO/Channel4)

In 1945 Allied forces made a film of the unimaginable horrors they witnessed in the concentration camps to be shown to the German population. Politics changed and the film was shelved. This is the remarkable story behind that film and why it was never shown.

Nominated for 5 Emmys, and for best Documentary at the British Independent Film Awards, The International Documentary Foundation and the London Critics Circle Film Awards 2015

Nominated for Best Composition in Feature Film at the International Sound and Music Awards, and for Outstanding Music and Sound at the 2015 News & Documentary Emmys.

WHERE the Wind BLEW 

(2016, Feature Documentary, Spring Films)

Between 1949 and 1989 the Soviet Union carried out 456 nuclear tests on the Kazakh steppes in an area the roughly size of Belgium. Soviet operations were wreathed in secrecy, but it is becoming clear that the Kazakh villagers who faced the daily reality of living in nuclear fallout zones continue to be victims of a war that was not their own.

This feature-length documentary will follow Kazakhstan’s fight to be rid of its nuclear legacy and its call for a peaceful world free from the threat of nuclear weapons.

the secret life of uri geller

(2013, Documentary, VIXPIX Films for BBC)

Oscar nominated filmmaker Vikram Jayanti investigates the contentious psychic/entertainer Uri Geller and the double life he has led working for Mossad, the CIA and the Mexican Government.


(2014, Drama, Turn the Slate Productions)

A postman lets us into his dark world in quiet suburbia. 

Award winning short starring Nick Moran and directed by Calum MacDiarmid, produced by Alexei Slater and Jessica Turner. Screened at over 50 festivals around the world, winner of 15 prizes.

Secrets of Life in the Wild

(2014, Documentary, Spring Films for Reader's Digest Global Video)

Three one-hour, spectacular high-definition films that take us further into the intimate world of animals than ever before.

The Men With Many Wives

(2014, Documentary, Shiver/ITV for Channel 4)

Some estimate that there are 20,000 polygamous marriages among Muslims in the UK. This documentary, directed by Masood Kahn, explores polygamous life and asks how it can be reconciled with modern British values.


Burlesque Fairytales

(2010, Drama, Double Barrel Productions)

"Welcome to Burlesque Fairytales, a night of revelation at the Chapel Theatre." 

This award winning debut feature film by writer director Susan Luciani stars Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) Jim Carter (Golden Compass) Lindsay Duncan (Rome) Stephen Campbell Moore (History Boys) and Barbara Flynn (Miss Potter). 

the emperor's secret garden

(2010, Feature Documentary, Spring Films)

A film which documents the five-year project by the World Monuments Fund at the Forbidden City in Beijing to restore the private garden that 18th-century Emperor Qianlong designed and had built for his retirement.

Premiered with HRH Prince Charles in attendance at the Leicester Square Odeon in London, 2010


Hidden Lives series

(2013, Documentary Shorts, Fat Rad Films/The New York Times)

Irish Dancing Triplets

(2012, Documentary, KEO Films for Channel 4)

Caravaggio: Man and Mystery

(2012, Documentary, Spring Films for Sky Arts)

Human Endeavours

(2012, 3-part Documentary, Spring Films for Reader's Digest)

The Arch of Enlightenment

(2011, Feature Documentary, West Park Pictures/The World Monument Fund)

Secrets of the Underground

(2011, 3-part Documentary, Spring Films for Reader's Digest)

Oil and Water

(2011 Documentary Short, Fat Rat Films)

Nature's Power Unveiled

 (2011, 3-part Documentary, Spring Films for Reader's Digest)

Bronzino-Restoring Genius

(2010, Documentary, West Park Pictures for Sky Arts)

The Boys of St. Columbs

(2009, Documentary, BBC Northern Ireland and RTE)


(2009, 3-part Documentary,West Park Pictures for Reader's Digest)

Steven Fry: HIV and Me

(2008, Documentary, West Park Pictures for International market)

Divorce: Sharia Style

(2008, Documentary, Faction Films for Channel 4)

Animals are Amazing

(2007, 3-part Documentary, West Park Pictures for Reader's Digest)

Walking the World

(2007, 10-part Documentary, West Park Pictures for Discovery US)

Inside Waco

(2006, Feature Documentary, DarlowSmithson for Channel 4 and Discovery US)